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Creative Research Associates is an Arizona corporation with headquarters in Tucson, incorporated in 1992.  Its mission is to provide its clients with high-quality, cost-effective research, evaluation, and database development services.  CRA represents the disciplines of education, psychology, anthropology, computer science, systems engineering, statistics and business.

The CRA staff creates surveys and tests, designs and conducts evaluations, plans research, provides statistical consultation and analysis, designs and develops databases, and conducts ethnographic studies for state and local government agencies, commercial and governmental organizations, school districts and mental health agencies.

CRA consultants have extensive experience in local, state, and international research and evaluation.  Projects evaluated include educational enterprises, public and private education, public health, and law enforcement.

CRA’s expertise extends to cross-cultural research with cultural and linguistic sensitivity. Youth represented in CRA research include Hispanic/Latino youth, African American youth, Native American (Apache, Hopi, Navajo, Havasupai), Native Alaskan (Eskimo) and Native Hawaiian youth.

Major Evaluation Projects

• Evaluation funded by the Pearson Corporation of the Waterford Reading and Mathematics educational programs. This was a randomized, control trial evaluation within a school district.

• Evaluation of the Engineering STEM Identity project with 15 schools in Maricopa County. This study was funded as Investment in Innovation – an innovative approach to educational reform funded in President Obama’s Stimulus Package in 2009.

• Evaluation of a National Science Foundation grant funded to the University of Arizona’s College of Pharmacy, Biosciences, and College of Education to examine ways to better select students for gifted students, and to evaluate the KEYS internship. This is a multi-site and multi-year evaluation project.

• Grant management and analysis program of gifted programs funded by King Abdul Aziz University of Jiddah, Saudi Arabia for gifted education research.

• Evaluation of projects funded by the Arizona Board of Regents to Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, and the University of Arizona to improve principal leadership.

• Evaluation of grants to Eskimo school district in the Arctic using Rapid Appraisal Methods developed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for international evaluations.

• Consultancies on National Testing and National Curriculum Projects funded by the World Bank, the United State Agency for International Development, and the United Nations Development Programme in Egypt, Yemen, Kosovo, and Azerbaijan. These were multi-year social experiments.


Copy of Steve_Powers_sitting_in_lobby_of_Mark_Hopkins_April_2009Stephen Powers, Ph.D.  Curriculum Vita

Dr. Powers received a B.S. in Spanish and Education from Northern Arizona University, and an M.A. in History, an M.Ed. in Education, and a Ph.D. (1978) in Education – all from the University of Arizona. He did postdoctoral studies in mathematical statistics at the University of Arizona, survey research methods and advanced statistics at the University of Michigan, and the design of psychological experiments at Oxford University.

He was a high school and junior high school teacher of Spanish, English, and History for 12 years, and a Research Evaluator with the Tucson Unified School for 18 years where he retired in 1994. Following retirement Dr. Powers formed Creative Research Associates and has served as president and evaluator for over 200 local, state, national, and international programs. He has been an international consultant in projects funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, the World Bank, United Nations Development Programme and other organizations in Egypt, Yemen, Azerbaijan, the Congo, Kosovo, Albania, Uganda and Tanzania.

Dr. Powers has taught statistics as a Adjunct Professor at both the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University Departments of Educational Psychology for over 30 years, He has published 80 articles in scholarly journals, on programs for advanced computer programs for statistical analysis, reliability, validity and generalizability issues, Spanish test reviews, attribution theory, self-esteem, conflict, locus of control, choice theory and achievement motivation. Additionally, Dr. Powers has delivered numerous presentations at national conferences, and served as president of the Arizona Educational Network and the Arizona Educational Research Organization.

Dr. Powers has been honored for community development and support of prevention of alcohol and drug abuse programs:

  • Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition. for Dedication to Prevention by U.S. Congressman Raul M. Grijalva
  • Certificate of Appreciation in Recognition of Ongoing anti-Drug Prevention Efforts by Karin Uhlich, City of Tucson Council Member, Ward 3
  • Certificate of Special Volunteer Recognition for Ongoing anti-Drug Prevention Efforts by Ricardo Jasso,  CEO Amistades, and Sharon Bronson, Superivsor Pima County District 3.


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